Sunday, May 9, 2010

'as though they perfectly knew'

scuba king takes on two men.

collage on fabriano note-card. approx 13 x 15 cm. my first attempt a collage so fine that it required tweezers. tiny ones. This is also (suprisingly) one of the first collage where images were cut and altered to fit, as opposed to a single stick and paste. woot!

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  1. This is all kinds of awesome. I am looking at it two ways. One is that Scuba King has totally wasted these Beau Brummell type guys and is collecting his spoils.

    The other is that it's the future after the apocalypse, Scuba King is exploring, and he's found these two headless guys at the bottom of the sea perfectly preserved. Cos it's the future and the sea has a new chemical that can do that or whatever. Anyway, so Scuba King is picking them up in the most practical way to bring them back up to his Scuba Boat. And on his Scuba Boat are weird type archeologist slash doctors who will study the headless guys and make sweeping assumptions about the past that will be wrong.



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